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V. Yu. Tretinik, V. A. Yaremenko, T. V. Sira

A.V.Dumanskii Institute of Colloid and Water Chemistry National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

e-mail: buttya@mail.ru


Questions are considered on the mechanism of stabilizing of the natural dispersible systems at treatment surface-active substance (SAS) and high molecular compounds. Pictures are developed of primary influence structurally – mechanical factor in the processes of stabilizing of silica-alumina water dispersions. Distinctions are certain in kinetics of adsorption of macromols of carboxymethylcellulose (СМС), oxiethylcellulose (OEC), carboxyl methyl oxy cellulose (CMOEC) from water solutions on montmorillonite, exposing nature of adsorption co-operation. The features of stabilizing of silicate suspensions are rotined low-molecular (SAS) polymers. At the persorption of low-molecular SAS there is forming of monolayer round the particles of dispersible phase and polimolekulyarnaya adsorption shows up. As compared to them the persorption of macromols is insignificant and carried out as segments. On results the conducted researches Patent of Ukraine is got. The compositions are steady to salt and temperature of borings liquids was developed on the basis of CMC and its derivatives tested at experimental-industrial areas PA «Ukrneft’» and PA «Turkmengazprom».

Key words: water dispersible systems, surface-active substance (SAS), water-soluble polymers, carboxymethylcellulose (СМС), oxiethylcellulose (OEC), carboxyl methyl oxy cellulose (CMOEC), structurally – mechanical properties, kinetics of adsorption, coagulation.

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28.11.2010 at 10:25 pm