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O.V. Mosin

MoscowStateUniversityof applied biotechnology,Moscow,Russia

 e-mail: mosin-oleg@yandex.ru

In present paper is submitted the review on perspective modern trends and approaches in practical realisation of anti-scale magnetic processing of water in power heat energetics and adjacent industries, including water processing for elimination of scale (carbonate, chloride and sulphatic salts Ca2 +, Mg2 +, Fe2 + and Fe3 +) in heat equipment, pipelines and sanitary systems. Principles of physical influence of magnetic field on water, parametres of physical and chemical processes proceeding in water, and behaviour of dissolved salts of rigidity in subjected to magnetic processing water are considered. It is shown, that magnetic field influence on water has a complex multifactorial character. The design features of devices of magnetic processing of water let out by the industry on constants and electromagnets – hydromagnetic systems (HMS), magnetic converters and magnetic activators of water are examined. It is given efficiency of using devices of magnetic processing of water in water preparation.

Keywords: water, magnetic processing, rigidity of water.

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