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P. I. Gvozdyak

A.V.Dumanskii Institute of Colloid and Water Chemistry, National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.

е-mail: gvozdyak@ukr.net


The total pollution of surface reservoirs – the sources of potable water – by waste and storm water causes necessity to apply many different traditional and latest methods of water processing. Such every technology procedure distances the potable water quality from “the physiological optimum”. It is proposed to use the chemical, physical-chemical methods exclusively for the renewal of the quality of utilized waters before their return into the surface reservoirs. Physiologically full valued water must be prepared by means of passing water from pure surface sources through the slow filter with immobilized probiotic bacteria on the charge.

Key words: physiologically optimal drinking water, potable water preparation, sewage cleaning, slow filter, immobilized probiotic bacteria.

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21.08.2011 at 7:52 pm