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V. Kochmarskii

National University of water industry and environmental management, Rivne, Ukraine

e-mail: as270@nuwm.rv.ua


CaCO3 crystallization kinetics from hydrocarbonate systems (HCS) at pH<10 is being investigated. Quaziequiliribrium approximation is used for process modeling with HCS. It has been shown that the state of HCS in such approximation is fully determined by two parameters’: CO2 concentration and pH. Other parameters and their change in time may be calculated by the two factors. Calculations are compared with the experimental data of pCa, pCO2, pCO3 and pH measurements. It has been show that intensive crystallization is an essentially nonequillibrium process and quaziequiliribrium calculations are adequate to experimental data only in the final stage of crystallization.

Key words: crystallization, hydrocarbonate system, quaziequiliribrium model, nonequillibrium process.

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14.09.2010 at 5:25 pm