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Experience of the application of ISD in order to increase capacity of the two-stage reverse osmosis plant
     P. Stender, V. Polyakov, P. Kozlov, T. Odinokich
     №1(1). Pages 40-46

Environmental and hygienic monitoring of perchlorates in waters of different use in Ukraine
     І. Andrusishyna
     №2(12). Pages 34-43

Physical and chemical principles of action of reverse osmosis membrane fouling inhibitors and methods                                        of optimal usage thereof
     Е. Orestov, Т. Mitchenko
     №2(12). Pages 3-17

Efficiency of activated carbon regeneration after the long-term exploitation in filters for tap water post-treatment
     L. Savchyna
     №2(12). Pages 25-33

Main possibilities of improvement of humic substances removal by ultrafiltration
     Т. Mitchenko, О. Svietlieisha
     №3(5). Pages 16-31

Deactivation of biocides in industrial water treatment
     Terry M. Williams, Heather R. McGinley, Paul L. Wood
     №3(9). Pages 13-24

Development of guanidine-based antifouling nanofiltration membrane by layer by layer technike
     V.V. Konovalova, G.A. Pobigai, S.G. Bartosh, A.F. Burban, M. L. Bruening
     №3(9). Pages 62-71

Crustaceans as biomarkers of pollution in the black sea with heavy metals exposure to heavy metals
     Andrusishin, V. Zagoryi, I. Andrusishina
     №4(6)-1(7). Pages 55-61

Comparative assessment of sorption properties of commercially available and experimental                                                            hybrid materials aimed to impurities of As (III) and As (V) in water
     Z. Maletskyi, T. Mitchenko, N. Makarova, H. Shevchuk, E. Kolomiets
     №4(6)-1(7). Pages 21-30

Removing of substances that influence the hormonal system of living organisms from the waste waters                                            using traditional water-treatment methods
     R. Mesarosh, S. Barany
     №4(10)-1(11). Pages 26-35