Vol 21, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents

Utilization of "red mud" being a part of new effective adsorbent in water treatment PDF
S. O. Kyrii, I. V. Kosogina, I. M. Astrelin, V. Yu. Mosiyuk 3-11
Research processes of ion exchange removal phosphates PDF
N. D. Gomelia, A. I. Petrychenko, A. G. Trokhimenko, Y. P. Martyniuk 12-23
The removal of heavy metal (nickel) ions from waste waters PDF
T. Obushenko, N. Tolstopalova, O. Bolielyi 24-30
The removal of indigo carmine from water by solvent sublation PDF
T. Obushenko, N. Tolstopalova, Y. Kholmetska 31-38
Research into factors of mutual influence of ground waters quality parameters on choice of water cleansing technologies PDF
A. Kvartenko 39-49
Exergy analysis of processes occuring in cooling tower PDF
O. A. Kardasevich, V. V. Chichenin, V. G. Ahrameev, N. V. Demchenko 50-61
Calculation of hydraulic pressure loss in filtering nozzles of magnetic filters PDF
V. I. Garashchenko, O. V. Garashchenko, E. Z. Malanchyk 62-70