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Review system

1. Journal follows double-blind reviewing system when referees and authors do not know the names of each other

2. All manuscripts received by the Journal undergo compulsory review procedure

3. Two reviews from different referees will be requested on every article

4. To conduct peer review of articles reviewers may be as members of the editorial board as well as scientists and experts from other organizations

5. Terms of peer review in each case will be determined by the editor in order to condition the fastest possible publication of the article

6. Peer review is confidential, except the statements about the unreliability of the reviewer or the falsification of materials included to the article

7. If necessary, article can be sent to the author for revision and must be returned in corrected from within a month

8. Article which is not recommended by the reviewer, cannot be a subject for reconsideration

9. The positive review is not sufficient ground for the publication of article. Final decision in each case is provided by the editorial board of the Journal

10. Editorial board will inform the Author about positive or negative decision on publication