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“Water & Purification Technologies” Journal publishes articles that contain information about scientific achievements and technological developments meeting the thematic scope of the Journal.

According to the decision of the Ministry of Science & Education of Ukraine (15.01.2003 № 7-05/1), only the papers that contain the following structural elements can be considered for publication:

  • General statement of the problem, connection with relevant and practical tasks.
  • Analysis of recent studies and publications according to the subject.
  • Formulation of the unsolved aspects of the problem, which are the subject of the article.
  • Formulation of the goals and tasks.
  • Description of the research methods and justification of scientific results.
  • Conclusions deduced from the research, and prospects for further research.

When submitting, a covering letter should be added to the manuscript (if the article is written by some co-authors from different organisations, separate covering letters are needed from all of them), an agreement on transfer of authors’ authorities, the information about the authors (the first, the middle, and the last name, position, scientific degree, affiliation, contact address including e-mail, telephone; the corresponding author is to be indicated separately) as well as an expert opinion (for Ukrainian citizenship). A non-compliance with the journal requirements for manuscript preparation is a reason of declining the article.

General requirements

Article has to be submitted in electronic format (doc or docx) via e-mail: journal.wpt@gmail.com

Journal highly encourages authors to write papers in English but Ukrainian and Russian languages are also acceptable.

This article has to be followed with:

  • Abstract of 150-200 words in Russian, Ukrainian and English. The abstract should be informative and meaningful (include the purpose, methods and nature of research, a summary of the findings), structured (follow the logical description of the results). Russian, Ukrainian and English abstracts have to be identical in meaning.
  • 4-6 key words in English, Ukrainian and Russian.
  • Information about the author (last name, first name and patronymic, degree, place of work, address, telephone number, e-mail and information about responsible person for correspondence) to the English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Failure to comply with the rules for issuing the manuscript is grounds for rejecting the article.

Requirements to manuscripts

Font – Times New Roman, size 12 pt in Word for Windows, single-spaced without hyphens.

Margins: top, bottom – 2.0, left – 2.5, right – 1.5 cm. Left indent of the first line of a paragraph – 1.0 cm


The main elements of the article should be placed in the following order: UDC or a PACS index, title, author names and initials, organization, city and country, abstract, keywords, text.

The titles of articles should be informative. Please use only standard abbreviations in the title. English title of the article should not contain transliterations from Russian language but untranslatable names of proper names, instruments, and other objects that have their own name, is not used untranslatable slang.

The names of the authors of articles are presented in one of the accepted international transliteration systems, for example, ISO 9

The article should follow the standard terminology, while the new term or abbreviation has to be deciphered and explained.

Dimensions of all variables used in the article should be in the International System of units SI.

The paper should be structured (introduction, headings, conclusion, literature).

Figures and tables have to be placed directly in the text with continuous numbering, accompanied by references in the text.

The figures (black-and-white only) should be submitted as separated e-files (min 150 dpi, 300 kbs, formats JPEG or TIFF).

Requirements to references:

The list of references is arranged in the order in which they appear in the text where they are indicated as numbers in square brackets. The unpublished materials must not be referenced to.

When citing references in English translated into Ukrainian or Russian, the original publication is to be cited; when sources in Urainian or Russian are citated, the reference must be ended as (in Russian / in Ukrainian). Nevertheless, if such sources have relative translations into English, the publications in English should be cited.



For books and monographs:

  • Gregg S. J., Sing K. S. W.: Adsorption, Surface Area and Porosity. 2. (London: Academic Press, 1982).
  • Yang R. T. Adsorbents: Fundamentals and Applications. 1 edition (NY: Wiley-Interscience, 2003).
  • Saldadze K.M., Kopylova-Valova V.D. Complex-forming ionites. (Moskow: Khimiya, 1980). [In Russian].

For journal articles:

  • Schirmer M.-L., Melzer A., Ritzenhofen L., Nagel M., Tränckner J. A new concept for cosmetic wastewater treatment by a suitable classification and separation system. Desal. Water Treat. 2017. 71: 85. doi: 10.5004/dwt.2017.20489
  • Sazonova V. F., Perlova O. V., Perlova N. A., Polikarpov A. P. Sorption of uranium(VI) compounds on fibrous anion exchanger surface from aqueous solutions. Colloid J. 2017. 79 (2). 270.
  • Soldatkina L.M., Zavrichko M.A. Adsorption of anionic dyes on corn stalks modified by polyaniline: kinetics and thermodynamic studies. Him. Fiz. Tehnol. Poverhni. 2017. 8(1): 44. [in Ukrainian]. doi: https://doi.org/10.15407/hftp08.01.044

The thesis abstract:

  • Ponomarova L.N. Ph.D (Chem.) Thesis. (Kyiv, 2013). [in Ukrainian].

The thesis conferences:

  • Bondar Y.V., Bogacheva D.O., Kuzenko S.V. New composite fibers for selective extraction radionuclides from contaminated water. XXIV Annual scientific conference Institute of Nuclear. Resear. NASU. (10-13 April, Kyiv) 2017. – Р.218. ISBN 978-966-02-8203-2
    [In Russian].


  • Patent UA 112333 U. Didenko O.Z., Strizhak P.E., Kosmambetova G.R.Method of stabilization of nanoparticles of zinc oxide on the surface of magnesium oxide. 2016.
  • Patent RF 2286207. Ananieva T.A., Goncharov B.V., Doilnitsyn V.A., Kuznetsov A. Yu., Pakhomov P.M., Khizhnyak S.D., Goncharova A.B. Floating sorption-active polymer sorbent for purification water solution from cesium radionuclides. 2006.
  • Patent US 5492881 A. Charles M. Diamond. Sorbent system. 1996.

Other sources:

  • Drinking water. Requirements and methods of quality control. [DSTU 7525 : 2014].

Authors are responsible for the content and accuracy of information published in the Journal. Opinions of the authors may not coincide with the opinion of the editorial members.